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Absolutely amazing at what he does! Finally found the best massage person in Toowoomba!

Treasure Browne

Wow that was good! I'll be back next week for another session. Best my back has felt in a LONG while. Thanks

Donna Brown

We have been a client of Lyle's clients for about two years now. Lyle visits our office every 2 weeks as a treat to our staff. It's certainly a highlight for the team & I, and we look forward to Lyle's regular visits.

Danny Summers

We've had Lyle visit the office regularly for over 2 years and his services are a great way to finish the week! Lyle shows great care with his clients and is always flexible, accommodating, and offers an excellent service.

Anna Heaton & Kristy Fielder

Thanks Lyle! You are seriously gifted! A real treat to visit you in Toowoomba yesterday enroute to Brisbane for a much needed massage on my ouchy back AND talk rugby union! Keep up the excellent work dude!

Ruth Tauti

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